This Week’s Workouts: 19.5 Miles

This week was pretty busy at work (I’m getting ready to hire a team), but I managed to get my miles and workouts in.  My workouts have been a mix of all sorts of stuff lately, but I’ve finally used up the last of my ClassPass credits, so I’ll be focusing on running/ strength/ climbing from now on.  I’m really enjoying climbing right now, and I’ll probably be signing up for a monthly membership since we’re going at least once a week.

Mon: rest day – slept in and missed Pump 

Tues: 7 X 400 meters on T/M – my speed is starting to come back; intervals at 7.3-7.6 felt more comfortable.  I’d like to see that number go up to 8.0 in the next couple of weeks!

Weds: rest day

Thurs: 6 easy outside (9:50 pace)  – this was a great run with some cooler weather (low 70s).  I made sure to carry water this time and zoned out to podcasts.

Fri: Elevate Interval Fitness class via ClassPass – this was similar to OTF but with a more involved strength training portion, which I liked.  I also tried a Woodway treadmill for the first time and I understand the hype – they’re so smooth and comfortable.

Sat: 4 miles on T/M (10:22 pace) and climbing! We tried some harder routes and my forearms were so sore after, so I think that counts as a good upper body strength workout.

Sun: 4 miles on T/M (10:20 pace)

I’m focusing on taking rest days when needed so I don’t get burned out or injured while my mileage increases over the next couple of months.  I’m happy I got in one run outside, and if we don’t get crazy thunderstorms this week again, I think I’ll be running outside more!


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