Friday Faves

Hey friends, hope you all had a great week. It’s been so chilly around here, but it looks like the weather should get a little warmer this weekend (morning temps back in the 20s…) so I’m looking forward to getting off the treadmill and getting to run outside! Here’s some things from this week:

Pizza spaghetti squash – SO good. No real recipe; just split and baked the squash for 40 min or so in the oven (at 375, I think?), then topped each side with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and capers (for me). We have more mozz, pizza sauce and pepperoni leftover, so I think this meal will make another appearance this week :)img_20161207_183108

Rock’n’Roll race sale (yesterday) – RnR had a big sale on all their races yesterday, and I signed up for the DC half! It fits perfectly into my training plan for my early April marathon.

A new mug from Target – Target is also having a sale off their Threshold line of products (20% off with code THRESHOLD), so I picked up this cute mug to drink tea at work #mugaddiction51145084

Double chocolate and peanut butter mug cake – I had a major craving for something sweet on Monday night, so I looked up mug cake recipes and decided to try this one (swapped out the nutella for PB because that’s what I had). I’ve had some dry/overly sweet mug cakes in the past, but this one was a winner – moist and well balanced in flavor. Will definitely make again!1212161828a_hdr

This photo of Kitty – We’ve finally started turning on the fireplace again, and Kitty is one happy cat. After I saw her doing this, I got out a fleece blanket so she’s not stretched out on the wood, lol. I think winter is her favorite season.1212161215_hdrWhat treat do you turn to when you have a sweet tooth?

Friday Faves

I feel like this week went by much faster than usual; anyone else feel that way? I made it to two OTF classes this week and my butt (literally, my butt) is so sore. And my back. And my abs. And my calves. I want to slather myself with bengay and go to sleep now. But first, Friday faves!

Holiday socks/ pajamas
I’m all about socks and slippers around the house this winter. I got this cute pair from Target and I slip it on as soon as I get home every night! I also have and love this flannel plaid lounge shirt – so cozy and festive.1201162019a_hdr

Candy Cane tea
Let’s continue with the holiday theme, shall we? This was an Aldi impulse buy and it is really good. Mint flavored teas are perfect after dinner – I feel like they aid digestion and stop dessert cravings.1205161806_hdr

We’ve been sucked in, and it’s SO good. Mike and I have fun making outrageous predictions about a character’s future actions or past or who’s controlling everything behind the scenes. I was shocked when he correctly predicted a major reveal in one of the last episodes (but we’ve also had a bunch of terrible guesses, lol).465_1024x411

Secret Santa website
Both our families are doing Secret Santa this year, and after several failed attempts to draw names from a hat without someone picking him/herself or spouse, I did some googling and found this secret santa website! It has all the features I could think of: you can tell it to exclude certain matches, people can fill in their wishlists for their secret santa, and the administrator can go in and see who has logged on and entered items into their wishlist.  Oh, and it’s free ;)captureAlso – winter is coming.  YASSS.


Friday Faves

We are off to our first holiday party of the month in a few hours – our company holiday party! I’m going bold with my wardrobe choice; blouse and pants instead of a dress since I’m tired of freezing my legs off while waiting for an uber/cab ;) But onto today’s post – it’s that time of the week where I share recent favorites around our household – running, food and other random stuff.

New Vacuum (for pet messes)
I mentioned a while ago that our cat Lucy has been sick, and one of the unfortunate side effects of her illness is that she’s been vomiting and making other messes once or twice a week. I had a small battery-powered hand vac that I used for messes previously, but it wasn’t able to keep up with the higher frequency and I wasn’t satisfied with the suction. So a month or two ago, I ended up upgrading to the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Machine and have been so happy with the purchase ever since. The suction is incredible, the large nozzle makes it easy to clean large messes, it takes only one or two passes to get deep set messes out of the carpet, and the dirty water tank is easy to empty and clean. Highly recommend for fellow pet owners.1118161618a_hdr

Holiday soaps
We don’t do a lot of Christmas decorations around the house since we’re usually at Mike’s or my parents’ place, but I love switching out our hand soaps for holiday scents! We both love this gingerbread one.1111160603_hdr

Mike bought me a travel scrapbook (it’s like the one from Up) years ago to document our trips and I fell behind sometime in 2012, lol. I decided to finish up our travel scrapbook this year with all the trips we’ve gone on in the past four years, and it’s been surprisingly relaxing and fun to work on (albeit time-consuming). We’ve enjoyed looking back on and remembering our trips, and I know we’ll enjoy the finished product for years to come.1118161618b_hdr

Yurbud 200 sport earbuds
I upgraded to the 200s after my old 100s died, and I love the slight upgrades on this model! The earbuds attach magnetically, which is great for storage or for keeping them around my neck when I don’t want music. I also think the soft earpieces (the blue part) are more securely attached on this model, which is great because my only complaint about the 100s was that the earpieces kept falling off and getting lost.1121161645a_hdr

This maple soy glazed salmon recipe
I’m always looking for new fish recipes because I know it’s good for us but I don’t love the flavor, so I tried this Skinnytaste recipe earlier this week. It was a big hit! I loved the sweet, salty and spicy glaze and Mike kept saying, “this is really good” while he polished off two pieces, haha.  We’ll be making this one again.1129161812_hdr

Any favorite fish recipes to share? Have you put up any holiday decorations yet?

Friday Faves

Hey friends,

I’m back with another Friday Faves! I missed getting a workout log up on the site on Monday, but last week was somewhat of an impromptu rest week – between a cold and more than usual social events over the long weekend, I only got two runs and a cross training session in. No matter – I was back to my usual self this week and will have a great training log to share on Monday :D

New dining table
I’ve been wanting to replace our small round table with a larger dining table to be able to have more people over, and after a year of talking about it, Mike finally got on board, researched different furniture makers, and ordered a table and bench – all in one afternoon. We joke that he’s like an avalanche; it takes him a while to get moving on something, but once he does, he goes from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds. Anyway, the new table was delivered on Sunday and we both love it! It fits into our space perfectly and can fit 8-10 people – can’t wait for our first dinner gathering.1113161159a_hdr

R+Co Cleansing Foam Conditioner
I love all the hair products I keep getting from Birchbox lately, and this foaming shampoo+conditioner was no exception. I don’t know that it gets my hair squeaky clean, but it smells amazing and makes my hair silky soft. It’s a nice alternative to the harsher head and shoulders shampoo I use most days. I like to save this for rest days/ low activity days when my hair isn’t super sweaty.

Source: Birchbox

Soul Cycle Motivating Marathon playlist
I discovered this Spotify playlist while scrolling for music to power my speedwork session on Tuesday and loved the fast paced music/ running theme! When I started struggling on my last repeat, I skipped forward till I found “Remember the Name” and finished strong and fast :D

Xtend Barre Circuit7
I bought a package for this studio when I saw it pop up on Gilt City a while back, and started going last week when I realized my classes would expire soon. I decided to try out their circuit7 class, which is 7 7-min segments (workout, legs, arms, core, bonus round, HIIT, and cooldown) with a greater focus on cardio. I LOVED it – it incorporates traditional barre movements with a faster pace, and includes some plyo moves as well. The class goes by fast since you do an exercise for 30 sec to 1 min before moving onto the next, and the HIIT round is short but tough. I’ll do a longer review of the studio after I’ve gone to a few more classes – I’m hoping to try their Barre Stick class next week!1111160654_hdr

This is Us
If ever there was a show designed to make me cry during every episode, this is it. All the feels. I made my mom watch one of the episodes when she was here in October, and even she liked the very real emotion and compassion in the show (she normally watches only korean TV).

Source: NBC

I’ll leave you with this inspiration for your weekend running!

Source: The Daily Quotes

Friday Faves

Hey friends,

It’s that time of the week again! Hope many of you are enjoying a 3-day weekend like we are – our weekend plans include board games with friends, watching Dr. Strange (has anyone seen it?), church small group, and getting a new dining room table! Oh, and studying – apparently my midterm is on Monday, lol. Here’s a few things that I’ve been enjoying lately:

Fall leaves
I just can’t help myself – this is my favorite time of the year! The color peak was in mid October, but the leaves are still going strong.1110161418_hdr

Dr. Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer
Another birchbox find – I was looking for a moisturizer to layer under my CC cream in the morning, and this one absorbs really well and feels very light on my skin (like water). I haven’t had any of the usual flakiness/dryness that comes with the cooler weather yet!1107160656a_hdr

Homemade greek yogurt
I started turning to plain greek yogurt with jam swirled in as my afternoon snack, and after buying a few containers of Fage (my favorite, but $$), I decided to try making my own at home. I tried out this crockpot recipe, and it’s so easy and after an initial failure (I think I didn’t wait long enough for the milk to cool down), it’s been a success each time! I make it each weekend now, and a $2 half gallon of milk turns into 4-5 cups of high quality greek yogurt.

My straining set-up! There’s a small platform in the pot below a colander, which is lined with a thin kitchen towel

Freakonomics podcast
Lately, I’ve been listening to podcasts on long runs and easy runs on the treadmill as an alternative to music (which I save for speedwork days). After (finally) finishing Serial season 2, I started listening to Freakonomics, which explores “the hidden side to everything”. Some of the podcasts are on interesting topics (e.g., are payday loans bad) and others are motivating/useful (e.g., how to get more grit in your life), and I’ve enjoyed each one! My runs go by much faster when I’m absorbed in a podcast :)

Bokchoy from garden
I planted the first harvest in mid September after I finished the last of the kale! It’s been a hardy fall crop and I’ve been using it up in stir fries and soups.1107160720_hdr

Friday Faves – Uses for Empty Birchboxes!

Hey friends! I’m trying my best to get back on a regular blogging schedule, so without further ado – another Friday Faves!

Salomon handheld water bottle
As happens every summer, I came to the realization that I needed hydration for nearly all my runs, even the shorter ones. The elastic on my old Nathan waistpack was too loose (the bottles would rattle around with every step), so after trying to run with a normal water bottle in my hands, I bit the bullet and bought this handheld for running with stellar reviews. After making some adjustments during a trial run, I loved it. It took some doing to figure out the right configuration for my small hand (I don’t use the finger loops), but once I figured it out, it felt so comfortable and I forgot about it being attached to my hand as I ran. It’s easy to drink from and I just tighten the velcro every time I drink to keep the bottle from flapping. My only wish is that it had a bigger mouth for easier filling and to accommodate ice.1004161311_hdr

First laptop since college
Will you believe I haven’t bought a laptop in the past 10 years? I’ve been using Mike’s old Macbook and a cheap desktop I bought about six years ago, but my classes are getting more modeling-intensive so I decided to invest in a new laptop this year. After a little research, I picked the Asus Zenbook for its portability, computing power and battery life (and reasonable price – some of the ultrabooks are $1000+). It’s SO light and fast, and the screen resolution is great – I use it to stream Netflix when I’m cooking or taking a bath. Can’t believe how much better the tech gets every year!0830160816_hdr

Birchbox “medicine cabinet”
Mike and I are medicine hoarders, and while I love being prepared for any minor medical issue short of surgery, I didn’t love digging through a big box of random pills and boxes for ten minutes to find the excedrin. One day, while looking for a use for my growing collection of Birchboxes, I decided to try using them to store our meds. It’s been great! No more digging through tons of stuff to find one thing since they’re all stored by type of med – and we can easily identify what we need to stock up on ;) #medicalpreppers

Tech Armor ballistic glass screen protector
I bought this screen protector for my LG G3 and have gone through 2-3 since (I stock up on ebay) – I drop my phone all the time and while the protector develops cracks and I eventually replace it, my phone screen has remained perfectly intact! Highly recommend ballistic glass protection for your phone if you’re drop-prone like I am.

And lastly, this video:

Cute animal videos make my day :)

Are you a Birchbox subscriber? What do you do with the empty boxes?

Friday Faves – a new jerky find

Hi friends! Hope you have some good plans this weekend – we’ll be celebrating our anniversary (5 years!!), I’ll be running a race on Sunday, going to game night with a friend at the library, and cleaning house because my bf from high school will be in town next week! Oh, and my first football game tonight – we have tickets to a Redskins preseason game at FedEx Field.  Here’s hoping I get healthy sometime soon :) Time for the usual Friday Faves round up:

Korean BBQ jerky from Costco – you guys, this stuff is bomb. A friend brought some on a hiking trip and we were totally hooked. As a jerky fiend, I love the sweet and salty combo and the softer texture of the pork jerky.0804161907_HDR

Blue Apron lemongrass chicken burger with hoisin mayo – BA has been killing it on the burger front; Mike and I rate each BA meal and this was one of the rare meals that rated 5 stars from each of us (reserved for meals that we could eat every week). All the aromatics in the burger combined with the hoisin mayo really made for a complex flavor profile and a restaurant quality burger.0813161215_HDR

NYX HD finishing powder – I’ve been looking for a pressed powder version of my favorite tarte setting powder for travel and was so happy to find this drugstore dupe! At $10, it’s a third of the price of the tarte powder ;) It works just as well (with either version, you don’t want to use a lot because it’ll start to give your face a whitish cast). I’ve been turning to finishing/setting powder a lot this summer for a more matte look.0802161621_HDR

Podcasts while running – After a couple of months of running with no music, I’ve been getting a little bored on my runs – so podcasts to the rescue! I finally finished season 1 of Serial and am a few episodes into season 2, which follows the story of Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. soldier who was captured by the Taliban for several years and was accused of desertion upon release. Maybe I’ll actually finish this season in one shot ;)

Madame Secretary – I was so excited when the second season of this show came out on Netflix! If you like political/military/intelligence dramas at all (e.g. House of Cards, Homeland), give this one a shot.  I love seeing the positive and realistic portrayal of the McCord power couple working through career and family challenges day to day.