{Wayfarer’s Half} Week 2 Training Log

We celebrated my birthday this weekend with some fun activities and lots of food :) Saturday kicked off with a CycleBar class for the two of us – compliments of the studio! We treated ourselves to Duck Donuts afterwards – my happy place.

After getting a couple of chores done, it was time for lunch – I wanted to try Jinya, a new-to-us ramen bar in Mosaic.  It didn’t disappoint – I loved the thicker noodles and rich broth here, and the soft shell crab bun was soo good.

Sadly, dinner didn’t pan out – I picked a tamarind baby back ribs recipe that Mike offered to cook, but we both really didn’t like the taste of the marinade :( So we ordered some sushi rolls instead while watching The Greatest Showman at home.  Loved the songs in the movie!IMG_20180407_175616.jpg

Sunday was church, followed by a disappointing brunch at Kapnos Taverna.  My egg dish was overcooked and accompanied by potatoes so sour that I had to let the manager know.  Thankfully, they didn’t charge us for the dish.  The pita and dip trio was excellent though! IMG_20180408_123418.jpgWe had a light dinner at home, with my favorite dessert to cap off the weekend – “hostess” cupcakes from Buzz Bakery.  IMG_20180408_175022.jpgAfter all that eating, it’s a good time to talk about how last week’s training went!

Week 2 Training Log

Like I mentioned last week, I’m training for the Wayfarer’s Half in early June and loosely following the FIRST plan with three key workouts and cross training in between.  Here’s how last week went:

  • Mon: rest
  • Tues: XT – OTF
  • Weds: Was supposed to be 3 X 1600 meters, but it turned into more of a reverse ladder workout.  After a half mile warmup, I ran 1600 at 7.3 speed (~8:15 pace), then 1200 at 7.3, and ~1000 at 7.3, each with 400 meters recovery in between.  I’m adjusting all the other 1600 workouts in my plan to 1200 meter repeats instead, which are mentally more doable for me.
  • Thurs: rest
  • Fri: 4 tempo miles on the T/M with a 0.5 mile w/u and c/d – it was nearly 80 degrees by the time I got home, so I opted to do this workout on the treadmill and it went pretty well! Tempo miles were around 8:45 pace.
  • Sat: XT – CycleBar class
  • Sun: 3.5 miles on T/M – this was supposed to be a 6 mile long run, but I wasn’t feeling great.  I decided to call it instead of forcing myself to try to run/ walk the rest of the way.

I wish I had finished my long run this week, but given that I ran 5 miles on Friday, I know I can easily run 6.  As long as I can make my long run this weekend, I think I’ll still be on track.


{Wayfarer’s Half} Week 1 Training Log

Weekend Fun

Friday kicked off with dinner at a fun new local burger joint in Shirlington called Damn Good Burger.  Mike got the Hot and Hefe with pepper jack, grilled habenero and serrano, and pico de gallo, while I opted for the Horseradish Bourbon with muenster, bacon, bourbon caramelized onions, tomato jam, and horseradish sauce (whew, need more ingredients?) without a bun.  The burgers were awesome and we’ll definitely be back!

IMG_20180330_180230.jpgI spent most of Saturday driving to and from Richmond to help my mom with her taxes at an H&R Block – the five hours I spent driving went a little faster thanks to Lauren Graham’s memoir, Talking as Fast as I Can.  I loooved Gilmore Girls and Parenthood, so it was fun to hear about what it was like filming those shows, and I liked her philosophy on life (don’t get sucked into electronics), diets (they all boil down to eat less, work out more), and plastic surgery (age gracefully! don’t staple your neck to your ears).

Sunday was Easter! The kids went crazy for the egg hunt, candy, and fun crafts.  We went to service (my mom came up to spend Easter with us, so I saw her 2 days in a row!), lunch, said goodbye to mom, and came home.  Mike cooked up some amazing lamb chops in the sous vide paired with a yogurt mint sauce, and I made a greek salad.  Soo good – lamb has really grown on me over the years.


Week 1 Training Log

It’s been a while since I’ve published a training log. It’s also been a while since I’ve run a race – nearly 2 years, in fact.  2017 was a busy year adjusting to a new job, and I focused on cross-training for the first couple of months this year – I didn’t feel much like running.  But I’m finally ready and eager to start training hard for my next race, which is the Wayfarer’s Half in Annapolis on June 2nd! I’m loosely following the FIRST plan with three key workouts and cross training in between; here’s how my first week went.

  • Mon: rest (recovering from flight)
  • Tues: Orangetheory
  • Weds: 4 X 800 meters on the T/M, intervals around 7:55 pace.  These were hard, but not impossible.  Went climbing in the evening!
  • Thurs: rest
  • Fri: 3 tempo miles with 0.5 mile w/u and 0.5 mile c/d.  I did these outside on a windy, drizzly day, and was shocked to see that I surpassed the 8:45 goal pace for all three miles (8:21, 8:34, 8:42  = average 8:32)
  • Sat: rest (drove to and from Richmond to help with my mom’s taxes #adulting)
  • Sun: rest

I’m disappointed I skipped my long run on Sunday, but it was just six miles and I have room in the schedule to repeat it this weekend.  My goal for week 2 is to get in at least one more cross-training session and a little yoga, even if it’s just 30 min on one day.

{Weekend Fun} A Bridal Shower at AR Workshop

Hi friends! Hope you had a great weekend.  Mine started out with Bible study on Friday night (I led! Think it went well) and a a 5 mile run on Saturday morning.  I’ve been troubleshooting my new watch – more on that during Friday Faves – and it worked pretty well during the run.

fitbit_sharing_7727197213997673855After I got back, I took a quick shower and headed over to Old Town Alexandria for a bridal shower for one of our small group members, Anne! The planners picked such a fun venue for the party – AR Workshop, a wood project studio.  We all got to design a project beforehand, and then create it in the studio with the instructors’ help.

IMG_20171028_112151.jpgI picked a wooden sign to put up in our living room – this is the finished project, with some of the intermediate steps below it.  We started by sanding the wood and then  staining and/or painting the boards – I used a dark stain with a white-wash on top to get that “Joanna Gaines” look ;) After the paint dried, we applied the stencil and dabbed paint to create the design.

In between steps, we nibbled on cheese, sandwiches and fruit, as well as these gorgeous shortbread cookies provided by the studio!IMG_20171028_135948.jpgAnd here’s a picture of all of us with our finished projects! It was late afternoon when we finished, so I came home and spent the rest of the day hanging out with Mike (he was in Tampa for work all last week).  Sunday was the usual – sunday school, cooking, a little work, and prep for the week.

Last Week’s Workouts

It’s been a while since I posted a workout log! I haven’t been that consistent thanks to work and random illnesses, but I’m finally over my colds and starting to get back to AM workouts again.  Here’s how last week went:

Tues: 4 mile workout on T/M – this was an OTF-inspired workout.  I started with a 5 min warmup, then jumped into a 3 min workset at 6.6 pace with the second minute at 4% incline, followed by a 90 sec recovery, then 90 sec back at 6.6 with incline starting at 4% and decreasing every 30 seconds.  After a 2 minute recovery, I did 2 more worksets at 5% incline and then 6%.

Thurs: 4 miles workout on T/M – I can’t remember what I did, but I think it was mostly speed variations.

Fri: 4 miles easy outside (~9:50 pace) – my new watch was measuring really long.  I knew where the 2 mile mark was, but the watch had me go another .2 miles or so.  I was annoyed because a total error of .4 miles on a 4 mile run is a pretty high margin of error.

Sat: 5 miles easy (9:18 pace) – watch behaved much better today, only off by ~.1 miles.  I think sometimes the GPS tracking gets better the more you run in an area…or it was user error yesterday, lol.

Weekly mileage: 17 miles

The other days were rest days.  I would have liked to get in a few orangetheory classes and some climbing, but I cut my finger pretty badly on Sunday night while chopping vegetables, and my left index finger wasn’t in any shape to grip weights or climbing holds :( Good news is I think it’s better this week!

Last Week’s Workouts: 14.5 Miles

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a workout post, and suffice it say that I’m not running that much these days – and I’m okay with that.  I’ve always been a morning runner, but my schedule has changed lately (I leave for work around 6 AM to avoid traffic), so the majority of my workouts are done after work, at which time I don’t have a lot of motivation to get on the treadmill.  These days, rock climbing, Orangetheory, and other workout classes have sounded a lot more fun. Here’s how last week went:

Mon: rock climbing with Vivian after work.  We were both a little tired, so I stuck to 5.8s and 1-2 5.9s.

Tue: 3 mile run on the T/M – I mixed in a little speed after a 5 min warm-up – did 6 min at 6.6, 2 min recovery, 5 min at 6.8, 2 min recovery, then 2 min at 7.0, 2 min recovery, and jogged the rest of the way.  Gym was closed due to a gas leak, so no Insanity :(

Weds: rest (bad insomnia night)

Thurs: OTF! – It was a power day, so we did lots of hills on the treadmill, shorter powerful rows, and heavy weights.  For those counting, I add 1.5 miles to my weekly mileage for OTF days.

Fri: 4 miles on T/M

Sat: 6 miles outside (10:08 pace) – great run with Charles, Mike’s friend in town for the weekend.  My legs were pretty tired after a week of workouts, but he helped me power through.

Sun: rest

Last Week’s Workouts

Our weekend started off strong with an escape room adventure with our small group on Friday night! We split up into 2 groups (too many for one room) and tackled two rooms at Escape Room Live in Alexandria. Mike and I were in the Poe-raenormal Room (Edgar Allen Poe-themed, if you hadn’t guessed) and we juust got out with two minutes to spare! I loved the theming and decorations at this location – they did a great job setting the mood for each puzzle.
We grabbed ice cream afterwards at the new Old Town location of Nice Cream – it had opened that day! Still our favorite ice cream; the pistachio flavor was amazing.

Saturday was spin, spin, spin at Cyclebar – we liked the studio so much that we added two more classes to our intro class pack. I really appreciate the great and friendly customer service we’ve experienced at this studio.
After cleaning up and taking care of the usual chores, we hung out at home for a while before I started getting ready to go out for a baby shower for one of our small group women. I was in charge of the cake – the one I picked out from Buzz Bakery was a big hit :)

Unfortunately I came down with a small case of food poisoning that night – I think it was some old yogurt I ate earlier in the day – so I was out of commission on Sunday. I managed to clean up our file cabinet, but didn’t do much else all day. Thankfully, I’m feeling much better today and got in a good workout this morning.

Last Week’s Workouts

I realized pretty early on this week that I needed a bit of a cut-back in effort, so I substituted one tough workout (probably would have been bootcamp) for a yoga class on Sunday. As a result, I don’t feel so sore going into this week and I’m ready to push a little harder again. I really believe in taking cutback weeks and even entire rest weeks when my body starts to feel a little run down – a little recovery can prevent future injury and illness. Listen to your body :)

Mon – short run (2.5 miles) and 15 min elliptical – I tried to test out my Achilles again, but it just wasn’t having it.

Tues – rest day

Weds – boxing class at UFC – I paced myself much better than last week and didn’t feel like dying the next day ;)

Thurs – 45 min elliptical and 10 min row – for the row, I did 3 – 500 meter rows with rest in between, and then repeated 10 forceful strokes with 30 seconds recovery row till I hit 10 minutes.  Short but effective.

Fri – 40 min elliptical

Sat – spin class at Cyclebar! Loved the sprint repeats at the end of class – we did 20 sec on, 10 sec rest repeated 8 times.  My quads were on fire.

Sun – short yoga video

Last Week’s Workouts: Boxing!

We had a fun weekend with gorgeous weather here in DC!  We took full advantage, starting with a cherry blossom viewing party at night with our Friday small group.  The cherry blossoms surprisingly survived the sudden cold snap, some snow, and very windy days over the last two weeks, so we made a trip to the Tidal Basin around the Jefferson and FDR memorials to see them at night.

On Saturday, I was up nice and early for a short treadmill run followed by volunteering at a food distribution event, hosted by ALIVE!, a local organization focusing on assisting those in need in the Alexandria community. I have a lot of time on my hands right now, so I’ve been looking for more ways to get involved in serving – being Jesus’s hands and feet in the world, especially in the current political climate. The food distribution event takes place the last Saturday of every month, and although it was scheduled to go from 8:30-12, we ended an hour early because apparently fewer and fewer immigrant families have been coming due to fear of deportation. We actually had to pack up leftover goods and store them because there weren’t enough people to take them all. Trump, that’s what’s sad.

We got some chores done the rest of the day and then headed out in the evening for a fun date at Komi! I really wanted to treat Mike to a nice dinner for being so supportive of new work schedule – earlier alarms, longer hours, more trips – and he had heard great things about the creative Greek-inspired cuisine at this upscale restaurant, so we decided to give it a shot. One of Komi’s interesting policies was no pictures of the food so they can keep it a surprise for others, so you’ll have to take my word for it that the food was amazing.

We did get a course list afterwards of everything we ate, and one of my favorite dishes was actually super simple – oven roasted dates stuffed with mascarpone topped with some sea salt.  Very few ingredients, but they all went so well together, and we loved the crispy skin on the dates.  We’ll be re-creating these for a fancy appetizer at home.  (we didn’t actually celebrate my birthday there, but it isn’t too far off so when they asked if we were celebrating a special event, that’s what I went with)

Sunday was church and teaching Sunday School, and we tried out a new Vietnamese place afterwards.  This vermicelli from Super Pho didn’t disappoint – nice clean flavors with tender shrimp and pork.

Last Week’s Workouts

I mentioned last week that I’ve started taking classes at my UFC gym. You might be wondering why I joined UFC and the answer is no, I’m not planning to enter the ring ;) I actually joined when I started my new job because I was looking for gyms near my workplace (which is 40 min from home), and UFC had the best deal at the time. They have two treadmills and some other basic fitness equipment, so I figured I could do some running and maybe take a class or two in the future. Since I haven’t been running all that much, I’ve started checking out the classes – first Daily Ultimate Training (DUT) last week, which was basically boot camp, and boxing this week. It’s been fun to do such functional workouts and challenge my body in a new way. Here’s how last week went:

Mon – OTF – I broke 200 watts for the first time on the rower! The rower is definitely where I’ve noticed most progress for me – when I first started OTF a few months ago, I was maxing out at 130 watts or so, but that number has been increasing a little each week. I felt so strong when I saw 215 pop up on the meter, even if just for a few seconds. Can’t wait to see where I am in a few more months.
Tues – boxing class at UFC – holy smokes, I was so sore when I woke up the next morning. Apparently 60 minutes with the heavy bag will do that to ya ;) I actually loved this class, but definitely need to learn to wrap my hands better and pace myself with the punches instead of going all out in the first 5 minutes lol.
Weds – rest day.  Definitely rest day.
Thurs – Daily Ultimate Training (DUT) class at gym – just as good as last week! The killer station in the circuit for me was definitely the eight minutes of battle rope. My arms were dead after first three minutes.
Fri – 4 miles on T/M (10:13 pace)
Sat – 4 miles on T/M (10:30 pace)
Sun – rest day (achilles was bothering me)

I think I do need to take a few weeks off from running entirely to let my achilles heal (heel? haha), because it’s starting to feel aggravated even on my short easy runs.  I’ll probably move to the elliptical and rower for my 3-4 cardio days each week.  I’m hoping it heals up in time for me to get in some spring weather running…

Last Week’s Workouts: CycleBar

Hey friends! Hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was pretty low key – we went to a new cycle class on Saturday morning (more on that below) and then spent the rest of the day at Spaworld :) So relaxing.  We did some food shopping afterwards at Hmart, and I grabbed a few pastries from the bakery nearby for breakfast the next morning.
Sunday was church – I’ve been teaching Sunday School each week and watching the sermons during the week when I have time. My three year olds are so cute but MAN are they energetic! We grabbed dim sum afterwards with a friend, then came home to take care of chores and get ready for another week. Dinner was a Blue Apron winner – smoky cod with a roasted potato salad. I loved the butter, date, and garlic sauce on the cod and the pickled shallot on the salad. Here’s the recipe link if you want to try it!

Last Week’s Workouts

I mentioned in my last post that I haven’t been running much, thanks to an Achilles tendon injury that’s taking its time to go away. I’m confident that if I can just rest it for a couple of weeks with no long runs/ speedwork, it’ll be fine. It’s been fine with a few easy runs each week, so I’ve been alternating easy running with more intense cross training sessions in the form of Orangetheory, cycling, and classes offered at my UFC gym. And I think I might be in the best shape I’ve been in a while – I’m lifting heavy at OTF and interval classes at the gym, I’ve nearly doubled my max power output on the rower, and just a few weeks ago (when I was still able to run) I was hitting 6-7 mile pace runs at my marathon pace with little effort, despite running only 20-25 miles a week. When I start training again, cross-training is going to stick around as part of my regimen for sure.

Mon – OTF! It’s become my favorite way to start the week, because it forces me to work out first thing Monday morning, and that gets me into the habit of doing it the rest of the week.
Tues – 4 easy miles on the T/M (10:40 pace)
Weds – 2.5 easy miles (10:20 pace), and then my Achilles hurt so I incline walked for another 15-20 minutes.
Thurs – Daily Ultimate Training (DUT) class at gym – described as a high intensity boot camp. I tried it for the first time this week, and holy cow – we started off with 20 minutes of lunge variations using the TRX. My legs were DYING. Then we moved onto 9 minute blocks at three stations with two activities each, alternating 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off. One station focused on legs using squat jumps on the bosu alternating with a sled push; station 2 focused on abs alternating pikes with the TRX and abdominal holds, and station 3 was a arms/chest workout alternating a burpee/overhead press with chest flys on an exercise ball. Yea, I was sore everywhere for days.
Fri – 4 easy miles on the T/M (10:20 pace)
Sat – CycleBar endurance class (60 min)
Sun – rest

CycleBar Review

With long runs out of the picture for now, I was looking around for another activity I could do on weekends, maybe with Mike (who cycles a lot at his gym). We came across CycleBar, which is a spin studio that opened up a location in Arlington in November last year. They had an awesome intro package – 3 classes for $29, so we both signed up! I was pleasantly surprised at how it easy it was to book a class; other premium cycle studios often book up within hours of releasing their week’s schedule, but we were able to book a class the day before – maybe because the studio is still pretty new?

We walked into the gorgeous studio on Saturday morning, and it was as luxe as other premium spin studios I’ve been to, with more perks – they have the standard lockers and nice bikes, but they also give out free water bottles, towel service, free shoe rentals and the bikes come with data screens showing your gear level, RPMs, watt, and other info. The studio itself was really big, with stadium style seating and a good amount of space between bikes.

Source: Cyclebar

And the class? It was SO hard – the instructor told us which gear we should be in, so I couldn’t just “go by feel” (aka coast half the class lol) since I could see the gear on the screen. The class was a good mix of hills, speedwork, steady tempo songs, and a little bit of core work and arms using a weighted bar (hence the name). Mike and I liked all the aspects of the class, from the motivating music, use of lighting (they turn off the lights during steady tempos and turn down the lights for speedwork songs), and participant stats on the screen (you can opt out, if you want). It’s fair to say I was a sweaty mess after class :)
Speaking of stats, they send you your stats afterwards, like OTF.  We had some rock stars in the class – I pushed myself hard just to stay in the middle of the pack!
Have you tried any indoor cycling studios? Any favorites? I know the price is insane and it’s definitely a cult, but SoulCycle is my favorite.  It feels like a party on a bike.