Favorite DC Restaurants

We’ve lived in DC for about eight years, and we’ve gone all over looking for great food! Here are some of our favorite places.

090.jpg {five spice fried chicken from Toki Underground}


Farmers Fishers Bakers (american – great brunch)

Kushi Izakaya (japanese)

Rose’s Luxury (modern) – worth the hype, go on a weekday to avoid the wait

Pineapple and Pearls (modern)

Sushi Taro (sushi) – the omakase (chef’s choice) is expensive but amazing

Thai X-ing (thai – chef’s choice menu)

Toki Underground (ramen)** my favorite!

009{BBQ at honey pig}

Northern Virginia

Bonchon (korean fried chicken)

Buzz Bakery (baked goods) – don’t miss their Hostess cupcake!

Cheesetique (fine cheeses and cheesy food)

Choong Hwa Won (korean black bean noodles)

Duangrat’s Thai Restaurant (thai, duh)

Edy’s Chicken and Steak (peruvian chicken)

Evening Star Cafe (american, brunch)

Honey Pig (korean bbq)

Huong Viet (vietnamese)

Mark’s Duck House (dim sum, Chinese)

Mussel Bar & Grille (mussels)

Pupatella (pizza)

Rustico (american, pizza)

Ray’s Hell Burger (burgers)

Sushi Yoshi **mike’s favorite!

Yogiberry (froyo) <–I REALLY wish a yogurtland would come to DC though…


2 thoughts on “Favorite DC Restaurants

  1. Hi! Cute picture~I have a sister who lives in VA and I got to visit Founding Farmers and loved it! Have you visited Peking Gourmet Inn in Falls Church? Famous peking duck place visited by almost every US President. ;) Oh and thanks for visiting my blog!

    1. Dawn H.

      Hi JinJoo! Thanks for visiting my blog as well :) Yes, we have been to Peking Gourmet Inn (we live very close by), but I didn’t think the food was that special…I much prefer Mark’s Duck House, also in Falls Church. Not the same ambience though!

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