Our Travels

If you’re looking for some places to go, here are some of the places we’ve been! We’re more homebodies than globe-trotters, but we enjoy getting away a few times a year to see the world :)
Here are a few trips we’ve taken in recent years!

Trips Around the 50 States

New York City (New York)

NYC is a huge tourist destination and there is a lot to see and do.  Look for free museum days and search for deals on hotels before you go – I highly recommend using a deal site like Priceline Negotiator or Hotwire. Go for a stroll in Central Park, find an interesting exercise studio, and don’t miss all the amazing food the city has to offer. Tip for Broadway shows: get cheap “day of” tickets at TKTS booths located around the city.

MoMA, Union Square (March 2013)

NY 13.1 Marathon, great Korean food (March 2013)

Ippudo Ramen and Central Park (August 2014)

Atlanta (Georgia)

We visited Atlanta briefly for a friend’s wedding in the fall of 2011, and loved it so much that we decided to make a real trip of it in April of 2013.  There’s tons of activities to do here; we bought CityPasses and it was the best decision ever – it gave us access to the zoo, aquarium, World of Coca Cola and a few other places.  We had a blast and I would love to go back to check out all the great parks and trails and eat more REAL Southern grits!

FlyWheel, Georgia Aquarium (April 2013)

Georgia Zoo and more (April 2013)

A Wedding and Empire State South (May 2014)

Boston/ Cambridge (Massachusetts)

Mike and I both went to school in Cambridge, so we have a lot of fond memories here and welcome any excuse to get back to our old stomping grounds. We went back for J’s graduation from Harvard in May of 2013 and E’s graduation from MIT in 2014!

– J’s graduation and Oprah (June 2013)

– E’s graduation (June 2014)

Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)

Pittsburgh may be one of our favorite foodie cities ever – the food is cheap and there are tons of amazing restaurants! We visited the city for my marathon in 2014, and I would run Pittsburgh again just to have an excuse to visit the city :)

Pittsburgh: the Food (May 2014)

Weekend Trip to Pittsburgh (June 2016)

Williamsburg (Virginia)

We’d always heard great things about Williamsburg – it’s a nice local destination for a short vacation from DC – so when T got into William and Mary, we decided to kill two birds with one stone by visiting T and making a trip of it! We had a blast touring Colonial Williamsburg, playing some mini-golf and checking out the local restaurants.

Colonial Williamsburg and more (2013)

Central Kentucky

We visited Kentucky for a bourbon tasting trip in the summer of 2014 and were blown away by the variety of spirits here. Whiskey-lovers heaven!

– Kentucky (part 1) – the Bourbon

– Kentucky (part 2) – the Food

LA (California)

We’ve done absolutely zero sight-seeing on our annual trips out to LA (Mike’s family lives out there so we go for the holidays), but we do a lot of eating!

Our Favorite Restaurants in LA (2013)

Orlando (Florida)

I tagged along on my friend’s trip to Disney in November 2014 – first time in “the happiest place on Earth” in nearly 20 years!

Disney World Faves


Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia

In the fall of 2013, we were invited to a friend’s wedding in Malaysia, and having never been to anywhere in Asia (with the exception of South Korea), we wanted to go and visit a few countries along the way! We spent a few days each in Singapore, Phuket (Thailand), and Penang (Malaysia). I’ve included travel tips for each country in each “part 1”.

– Singapore: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

– Phuket, Thailand: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

– Penang, Malaysia: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3: Kevin and Joy’s Wedding!

I also have a post on what to pack for an overseas trip! Each country we visited had a slightly different climate and we were doing different types of activities as well, so we spent a some time thinking about what to pack while minimizing luggage.


Our big trip in 2014 was to a country that’s been on my bucket list for a long time – Iceland! We did a trip around the Ring Road, and I recapped each section as a guide for others planning similar Iceland trips.

– 21 Tips for an Iceland (Road) Trip

– Day 1 of 8 – Reykjavik

– Day 2 of 8 – Reykjavik to Vik

– Day 3 of 8 – Vik to Hofn

– Day 4 of 8 – Hofn to Lake Myvatn

– Day 5/6 of 8 – Lake Myvatn and Snaefellsnes Peninsula

– Day 7/8 of 8 – Snaefellsnes back to Reykjavik


In 2015, we traveled to Ireland for several days with Mike’s sister and parents! We fell in love with the beautiful landscape, friendly people, and the Guinness ;)

5 Things We Did in Dublin

5 Things We Did in Belfast

5 Things We Did in Cork



2 thoughts on “Our Travels

  1. Christina Hoy

    Hello, Dawn,
    How are you? I just started looking at your amazing trip notes to Iceland in 2014. I am planning a trip to Iceland ( live in Toronto) in a couple of weeks with my husband and two teenage/adult boys, who are also traveling with us. Its my husband’s 50th… We have about 10-12 days to do the ring road. Since you have experienced it all, I wanted to ask one question… What areas would you recommend spending more time in if you had 2 more days to do activities and more photo op sites to experience? I am currently trying to finalize all my hotels and accommodations, and have a couple of days to spend another day here or there on either side of our travels.

    Any advice would be super helpful. I am very excited to be taking this trip with my family, will be challenging and enlightening to say the least. Thanks so much. Hope to hear from you! Chris

    1. Hi Chris! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hm, great question. Given that you’re going a little earlier in the year than we are, it might be worth spending an extra day or two on the Snaefellsnes peninsula in Western Iceland. We went in October, when nearly everything was shut down so we didn’t stay too long, but if there are still shops and tours up and running, it seems like an immensely beautiful place with lots of natural sights to see. I also would have loved another day near Reykjavik to be able to explore the town a little more (maybe find a thermal pool and eat a traditional Icelandic meal). I hope you have a wonderful trip with your family!

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