{Weekend Fun} A Bridal Shower at AR Workshop

Hi friends! Hope you had a great weekend.  Mine started out with Bible study on Friday night (I led! Think it went well) and a a 5 mile run on Saturday morning.  I’ve been troubleshooting my new watch – more on that during Friday Faves – and it worked pretty well during the run.

fitbit_sharing_7727197213997673855After I got back, I took a quick shower and headed over to Old Town Alexandria for a bridal shower for one of our small group members, Anne! The planners picked such a fun venue for the party – AR Workshop, a wood project studio.  We all got to design a project beforehand, and then create it in the studio with the instructors’ help.

IMG_20171028_112151.jpgI picked a wooden sign to put up in our living room – this is the finished project, with some of the intermediate steps below it.  We started by sanding the wood and then  staining and/or painting the boards – I used a dark stain with a white-wash on top to get that “Joanna Gaines” look ;) After the paint dried, we applied the stencil and dabbed paint to create the design.

In between steps, we nibbled on cheese, sandwiches and fruit, as well as these gorgeous shortbread cookies provided by the studio!IMG_20171028_135948.jpgAnd here’s a picture of all of us with our finished projects! It was late afternoon when we finished, so I came home and spent the rest of the day hanging out with Mike (he was in Tampa for work all last week).  Sunday was the usual – sunday school, cooking, a little work, and prep for the week.

Last Week’s Workouts

It’s been a while since I posted a workout log! I haven’t been that consistent thanks to work and random illnesses, but I’m finally over my colds and starting to get back to AM workouts again.  Here’s how last week went:

Tues: 4 mile workout on T/M – this was an OTF-inspired workout.  I started with a 5 min warmup, then jumped into a 3 min workset at 6.6 pace with the second minute at 4% incline, followed by a 90 sec recovery, then 90 sec back at 6.6 with incline starting at 4% and decreasing every 30 seconds.  After a 2 minute recovery, I did 2 more worksets at 5% incline and then 6%.

Thurs: 4 miles workout on T/M – I can’t remember what I did, but I think it was mostly speed variations.

Fri: 4 miles easy outside (~9:50 pace) – my new watch was measuring really long.  I knew where the 2 mile mark was, but the watch had me go another .2 miles or so.  I was annoyed because a total error of .4 miles on a 4 mile run is a pretty high margin of error.

Sat: 5 miles easy (9:18 pace) – watch behaved much better today, only off by ~.1 miles.  I think sometimes the GPS tracking gets better the more you run in an area…or it was user error yesterday, lol.

Weekly mileage: 17 miles

The other days were rest days.  I would have liked to get in a few orangetheory classes and some climbing, but I cut my finger pretty badly on Sunday night while chopping vegetables, and my left index finger wasn’t in any shape to grip weights or climbing holds :( Good news is I think it’s better this week!


Friday Faves

Happy Friday friends! After a long week at work, I’m ready for some fun this weekend – a couple of easy runs, a bridal shower, and the usual church activities on Sunday! Kitty needs some R&R too :)IMG_20171026_122547.jpg

Here are some of my Friday Faves this week:

a fresh pair of Saucony Kinvaras – I love the Kinvara 6s, which are hard to find these days, but when my current pair got worn out, I found some on Poshmark for sale – brand new for $40! I scooped up a pair and am contemplating getting another to stock up.  My feet are picky – even when the next version of a shoe doesn’t have that many changes, I sometimes still get blisters – so I get a couple pairs whenever I find one that works.

aren’t they beautiful?

Trader Joe’s cheese – I’ve been eating more cheese lately, so I’ve had a chance to try a couple of TJ’s cheeses – there hasn’t been a bad one in the bunch! The goat cheeses are great, I liked cheddar with caramelized onion, but my favorite so far is the Toscano with cinnamon.  Expect this to change in a few weeks as I make my way through the extension cheese options at TJ’s ;)

Pau D’Arco – this is a weird one, but I’ve had a persistent and painful skin condition for several years, and it got a lot worse this year.  After trying dozens of home remedies, I came across this herb, which has had near miraculous effects! It’s used to treat all sorts of conditions, such as stomach problems, skin rashes, and weak immune systems.

I love all the flannel shirts at Old Navy right now.  I bought a white and black plaid one yesterday!

I need to make this jalapeno and cheddar stuffed turkey meatloaf now.

Oo, it just occurred to me that Thanksgiving isn’t too far away.  We’re hosting this year – maybe this is the year we’ll get a Popeyes’ turkey? We’ve had it before at a potluck and it’s really good.



{Vacation} 5 Things We Did in Whistler

Mike and I got back a few weeks ago from an amazing trip to Vancouver/ Whistler and I finally found some time to write a short recap! I love writing trip recaps to re-live the fun memories and share our favorite activities/ restaurants with you all.  We flew into Vancouver and drove up to Whistler a few hours later.  These were some of the highlights from our four days up there:

1. Hiked Garibaldi Lake – there’s a ton of amazing hikes in Whistler, and I really wanted to try a long day hike.  Garibaldi Lake is a really popular one in the area, and takes about 4-5 hours to do.  The first couple miles or so are a steep incline through a forest, but you’re rewarded at the top with stunning views of the lake.  We went right after breakfast and brought along some pastries to eat along the way.

We went on several other hikes in the area too – we started the cedar trails hike, and also walked around Green Lake.  The water everywhere was this stunning turquoise or sage green/ blue cloudy color from melting glacial water.

2. Tried outdoor climbing – I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve done a lot of indoor rock-climbing over the last couple of months, and Mike thought it would be fun to try outdoor rock-climbing! We signed up for a half-day climb with Mountain Skills Academy and had an amazing time.  We learned how to crack climb (sticking feet and hands into long cracks in the rock) and slab climb (up what looked like a sheer wall of granite).  It was exhausting and hard and probably the highlight of our trip for me.

3. Axe throwing – This is apparently somewhat of a sport in Canada, and Mike found a place nearby to try it out! The axes are much smaller than the kind you use to chop wood and are pretty easy to handle.  We learned how to throw the axes overhead, underhand, backwards, and even double handed (two axes at once).  It’s surprisingly gratifying to hear the axe thunk deep into the wood and land a good throw.

4. ATVing – Okay, I lied – THIS was the highlight of the trip for me.  I’ve never gone ATVing before, but after a short learning curve, we were trekking up the side of a mountain! The views were incredible and the ATV was so much fun to drive.  We wore helmets and gear over our clothing to keep us warm and dry.IMG_20170930_123446 5. Ate some good ramen – We found the restaurants in Whistler to be of moderate quality, but the ramen at Fuji Market was really, really good.  So much so that we went back for it another night :) More on our favorite restaurants below.IMG_20170929_183413

Where we stayed: We got an AirBnB in Whistler Village and it was so cute and cozy! It came with a small fridge and a washing machine (we needed this after all the hiking/ climbing we did) and the location was perfect with lots of restaurants and the Olympic Plaza within walking distance.IMG_20170930_202316IMG_20170930_072806-EFFECTSIMG_20170930_072703

Good eats in Whistler:

  • Fuji Market – great ramen
  • Peaked Pies – Australian meat pies
  • Mount Currie Coffee Company – amazing lattes (we got one every day)
  • Bar Oso – warm and cozy space with great drinks and appetizers

I’ll post highlights from our time in Vancouver next week!

Weekend Fun: Hiking

I’ve done a lot of hiking in the last couple of weeks – tons of hiking on our vacation to Canada (more on that on tomorrow!) and two trips to Great Falls on consecutive weekends! Last weekend, I went hiking and camping with Vivian – we were supposed to go to Shenandoah, only to find out all the campsites were full :( So we called around and found Lake Fairfax Park near Great Falls had a few spots – perfect.  We drove over and set up camp in the late afternoon.

IMG_20171014_183103.jpgAnd then headed to Great Falls for a short hike. We opted to do the River Trail, which wasn’t too crowded at that time of the day.

It was a perfect hike, and the views of the falls were beautiful.  So grateful to have such gorgeous scenery not too far from home.  After our hike, we hurried back to camp to get the campfire going.  I was certain I knew how to start a fire, since I had seen my dad do it tons of times as a kid…but after going through an entire newspaper in my efforts to get it started, I admitted defeat and asked the family next door for help.  The dad was happy to help – he came over, restacked our wood, added some firestarter and tons of leaves/ cardboard, and we had a roaring fire in no time!

IMG_20171014_195204.jpgVivian prepped the food and brought hot dogs, veggies and baked beans in foil packets, and smores in a cone.  Nothing tastes as good as food cooked over an open flame, especially when you’re hungry after a hike.

First camping adventure was definitely a success, and we’re hoping to make it to Shenandoah in the spring!

Weekend Fun: Mike’s Bday!

We celebrated my amazing husband’s birthday this weekend with one of his best friends and friend’s wife – Charles and Cathy – who flew in for the weekend! Our celebration started on Thursday night with a dinner at Ruth Chris’s steakhouse.  Great views, okay food if I’m being honest.  I think their famous sizzling hot plates result in overcooked steak :\I had to work on Friday, so Cathy hung out at the Korean spa while Mike and Charles played a round of golf.  When we got home, Cathy cooked up an amazing meal of dukkbokki and odeng (she’s quite the chef and insisted on cooking for us) – Korean comfort food at its best!Followed by some games and cake for dessert.  Sweet potato cake from Tour Les Jours might be my new favorite.Saturday morning, I went for a run with Charles (he’s training for a 10 miler in October) and the miles went by quickly as we got caught up.  I love running with friends.  Lunch was a quick affair at our favorite “cheap” sushi joint Sushi Yoshi, and then the guys got ready to check out the new MGM casino in National Harbor, while Cathy and I headed over to Georgetown for some window shopping and dessert.  Treats from Baked and Wired – my strawberry ice cream sandwich was delicious but enormous – Cathy and I could have split it and still not finished it.We went over to National Harbor for some outlet shopping (I got a new vest from J.Crew factory #winteriscoming) and then met up with the guys for a movie! We watched the new Kingsman movie, which was entertaining if a little gross at times. We ordered Bonchon on the way home, which was amazing with some beer when we got home for a late dinner.  Cathy and Charles had an early flight the next morning – so sad to see them go after such a fun weekend together.

Happy birthday hon! Here’s to many, many more.


Last Week’s Workouts: 14.5 Miles

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a workout post, and suffice it say that I’m not running that much these days – and I’m okay with that.  I’ve always been a morning runner, but my schedule has changed lately (I leave for work around 6 AM to avoid traffic), so the majority of my workouts are done after work, at which time I don’t have a lot of motivation to get on the treadmill.  These days, rock climbing, Orangetheory, and other workout classes have sounded a lot more fun. Here’s how last week went:

Mon: rock climbing with Vivian after work.  We were both a little tired, so I stuck to 5.8s and 1-2 5.9s.

Tue: 3 mile run on the T/M – I mixed in a little speed after a 5 min warm-up – did 6 min at 6.6, 2 min recovery, 5 min at 6.8, 2 min recovery, then 2 min at 7.0, 2 min recovery, and jogged the rest of the way.  Gym was closed due to a gas leak, so no Insanity :(

Weds: rest (bad insomnia night)

Thurs: OTF! – It was a power day, so we did lots of hills on the treadmill, shorter powerful rows, and heavy weights.  For those counting, I add 1.5 miles to my weekly mileage for OTF days.

Fri: 4 miles on T/M

Sat: 6 miles outside (10:08 pace) – great run with Charles, Mike’s friend in town for the weekend.  My legs were pretty tired after a week of workouts, but he helped me power through.

Sun: rest

Friday Faves

Hey friends! We have a fun weekend ahead of us because it’s Mike’s bday! Our friends Charles and Cathy flew in last night and we have lots of activities planned – hiking, climbing, and lots of eating :) Here’s some of my favorite things from the week.

Hidden Singer show on Netflix – this is such a fun Korean variety show.  The premise is that there is one famous singer and five impersonators singing behind closed doors, and the audience needs to pick out the real singer.  The singers and host do such a good job making the show funny and warm-hearted.

this tee – my friend Vivian picked this up for me – she knows me so well! Something about fall weather turns me into the most basic girl on earth, lol.  I’ve already picked up pumpkin spice cheerios, pumpkin spice bread mix, and my first PSL.  This is pretty much me.  And I just bought the pumpkin spice deodorant mentioned in the article.IMG_20170919_171045

new TOMS – my first pair purchased in 2015 are well and truly worn out (and smelly), so I picked up this pretty pair for our trip to Vancouver in a few weeks.  I’ve been wearing them around the house to break them in before the trip.

My new office with a window – I got a promotion recently at work and subsequently  got moved to an small office with a window for the first time in my nearly 10 year career (not counting the short time I shared a window office with Alexa when I first started work in 2008).  The view isn’t amazing or anything (parking lot), but the natural light makes a huge difference in my mood – I look forward to going to work every morning so I can see the sunrise from my desk, and I feel calmer throughout the day.

My Poshmark obsession has been strong lately and I’ve bought a bunch of great clothes for fall and our Vancouver trip – an Athleta jacket, couple of sweaters, hiking pants, and a couple of other things.  Prices are amazing and the clothes often look like new – I got this BR dress for just $5!

Have a great weekend!